Soundtrack Scene: Fast and Furious 6 and The Great Gatsby

I loved tracking on the best original song race on my old blog. We probably haven’t come across the winning tune just yet, but our lack of knowledge doesn’t keep us from predicting the Oscars at large!


Photo: Universal/iTunes (via Wikipedia)

One song we should at least mention is 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa’s “We Own It (Fast and Furious).” The rap track plays at least once during (you guessed it) Fast and Furious 6, according to some friends. It debuted at No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week and should climb higher when the next chart is announced on Thursday – likely into the top 40 – given its strong digital sales. (“We Own It (Fast and Furious)” sat atop the U.S. iTunes charts for roughly two days last week and remains the top song in the soundtrack genre.)


Neither the film nor the song seems like Oscar’s cup of tea, and I’m hardly high on the song myself. But rap songs “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile and “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp from Hustle & Flow took home Oscars. Then again, those films were well-received dramas, not movies about fast cars and the folks that drive them. So I wouldn’t expect it to happen – even if “We Own It (Fast and Furious)” eventually tops the Hot 100. Still, it’s likely to make the eligibility list.


Photo: Amazon (via Wikipedia)

But one film has brought in the big guns as far as original song is concerned: Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Many of its tunes, including Florence + the Machine’s “Over the Love,” Sia’s “Kill and Run,” and The xx’s “Together,” might find themselves on the shortlist. Standing high above the other tunes, though, is Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful.” The gorgeous and haunting alternative ballad plays several times during Gatsby and recently hit No. 22 on the Hot 100 mostly thanks to digital sales on outlets like iTunes.


However, “Young and Beautiful” could share the same fate as Moulin Rouge! love ballad “Come What May” since there might be some eligibility issues. From Lanapedia, the self-proclaimed “biggest Lana Del Rey wiki”:

The song was written and recorded some time in 2012 by Lana Del Rey and Rick Nowels. It was intended for use on Paradise, the re-release of Born to Die. On June 19, 2012, Lana Del Rey sung an acapella [sic] of the chorus on radio when asked what music would be on her new album. The song failed to make the final tracklist [sic] of Paradise.

The wiki further states that Rey indirectly mentioned her involvement with an unspecified soundtrack in November and officially announced her involvement with Gatsby in February. While the available information suggests that “Young and Beautiful” was originally written without Gatsby in mind, the Golden Globes tend to be less stringent than the Oscars when it comes to song eligibility. Lana should at least snag a Globe nod when all is said and done.

With two possible original song contenders having made their way up the iTunes charts, do you have any thoughts about the best original song race right now?


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