Soundtrack Scene: Ender’s Game and Yes, More Catching Fire

I wasn’t expecting Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game to contend in the Original Song race, but the sci-fi adaptation inspired the Flaming Lips to write and record six songs. However, they’re not thrilled with Orson Scott Card, who wrote the book on which the film is based. From Consequence of Sound:

No strangers to the realm of Sci-Fi concept album, the band’s Peace Sword EP was inspired by the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster, Ender’s Game. Due out on Black Friday (November 26th), it’ll feature six new Lips songs produced by Dave Fridmann, including “Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy”, “Wolf Children”, and “Assassin Beetle/The Dream Is Ending”. […]

Coyne discussed the project in an interview with The Huffington Post back in August. “We really ended up liking (the movie). A lot of times, people do songs for movies and there are a lot of criteria that you have to follow to make it suit the movie people…We quite like the mood of it and the way of it, the sound and the theme of it. Steven [Drozd] and I both remarked, ‘Man, I’d like to do some more music associated with this,’ and we think they’re going to let us.. I think it could work out.”

However, in an accompanying post on Instagram, Coyne stressed the band’s involvement is despite Ender’s Game creator Orson Scott Card and his controversial comments regarding same-sex marriage. “Our involvement is only with the music directors of the movie… but yeah… these are conflicts all big projects have to deal with,” Coyne explained. We try to do cool things with cool people that, obviously benefit us and the cool people we doing stuff with… occasionally these benefits extend to abstractly connected people who are NOT so cool… So we try to choose…”

Will any of these songs find their way into Ender’s Game? No clue, but we should know that – and if one or two sound like Oscar bait – soon enough. Of course, this could go the way of the eponymous tune from Oblivion performed by M83.

Of course, we can’t talk about movie soundtracks of 2013 without discussing Catching Fire. I still see Coldplay’s “Atlas,” Patti Smith’s “Capital Letter,” and The Lumineer’s “Gale” (formerly known as “Gale Song”) being the Original Song potentials from Catching Fire, but Idolator unveiled “We Remain” and “Elastic Heart” yesterday.  “We Remain,” Christina Aguilera’s ballad, may have been an Oscar tune in the ‘80s, but it feels a bit dated. Maybe I’m just not a fan. Sia’s “Elastic Heart,” which features The Weeknd and Diplo, sounds like a radio hit but not an Oscar success.

Listen to the new Catching Fire tunes below.


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