Soundtrack Scene: Point Break

lukebracey_pointbreakLuke Bracey as he appears in the trailer for Ericson Core’s Point Break remake

Ericson Core’s remake of Point Break will include an original song with a heavy sound.

But who will provide this tune? Great question.

ASG Music Group (the Alcon Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Media LLC joint venture) will partner with ReverbNation to host a contest that will function as an open call for up-and-coming music artists to make original music for Point Break. Entertainment Weekly reported the news.

In a statement, ASG co-CEO Michael Hodges said, “We are confident that if we can find the right song, we can transform an artist or band from a street corner to a global stage.” This may indicate a marketing push for the artist or band… or it may simply be a recognition of the facts: Point Break will be released throughout the world, hence the “global stage” comment.

(Is anyone else here peeved by the wording of the official statement. If you’re “transform[ing] an artist or band from a street corner to a global stage,” that implies that the artist or band is, in fact, a street corner, and that the artist or band will become a global stage. I understand the intent of the statement, but… yeah, it just doesn’t work. But I digress.)

Songs are commissioned for soundtracks all the time. Indeed, Charlie Puth’s Furious 7 contribution was plucked from a myriad of submitted tunes, according to the Los Angeles Times. Of course, his contribution, “See You Again,” went through extensive notes and edits, and eventually came to include Wiz Khalifa. It’s spent six weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, and may very well be the front-runner for the original song Oscar if it’s eligible.

… but when was the last time a mainstream Hollywood film had what’s essentially an open call on soundtrack contributions? Has it ever happened.

The trailer for Point Break dropped earlier this week, by the way. Looks like it could use some great music to spice it up, honestly.


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