Soundtrack Scene: “Mean Ol’ Moon” from Ted 2


Update: The first video in the post is the original recording of “Mean Ol’ Moon,” not the pitched video from earlier.

Following in its predecessor’s footsteps, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 features an original song performed by Norah Jones. The ballad, titled “Mean Ol’ Moon” and also performed by Ted 2 star Amanda Seyfried, recalls those from the Great American Songbook – no surprise to those familiar with MacFarlane’s musical background. Still, I can’t imagine “Mean Ol’ Moon” guiding a humorous montage like “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” did in Ted (2012).

Will “Mean Ol’ Moon” repeat Ted‘s original song nomination for “Everybody Needs a Best Friend”? Check out both Jones and Seyfried’s recordings on iTunes, where the soundtrack dropped earlier today. You can also check out pitched (hey, they give a general sense of how the original recordings play) YouTube embeds of the recordings below. Be sure to check out the updated original song page, too!


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