Trailer Time! Dressmaker Squad

Suicide Squad

I’m going on the assumption that you’ve seen the trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad already, since you clearly have some kind of connection to the Internet. The vibe seems to be “Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) but darker and grittier.” Warner Bros. has set Suicide Squad for release on August 5, 2016; the studio clearly wants to get its DC properties rolling in a big way to catch up with the Marvel Universe. Anyway, some brief thoughts on the trailer:


  • Margot Robbie – As one who admittedly knows little about comics, I can’t say I know much about Harley Quinn. Still, the little that I do know suggests this is a juicy role. In short, I wonder if this will be Robbie’s best work to date.
  • Viola Davis – Such a commanding screen presence. Even her delivery of exposition here sounds as if she expected them to be Oscar clips.
  • Will Smith – He’s had some rough patches lately – After Earth (2013), anyone? – but he’s inarguably the biggest movie star in Suicide Squad. It’s odd that we see so little of him here, no? His relative lack of presence bolsters the notion that this is a full-fledged ensemble piece, and I’m here for that.
  • Cara Delevingne – I’m curious to see how this model fares as an actress; this trailer featured very little of her, which suggests that a) she’s a surprise revelation, b) she’s just the opposite, or c) she’s fine but the role itself is weak. Delevingne is either captivating or catatonic in the upcoming Paper Towns, depending on which review you read, so I guess the jury’s still out.
  • Jared Leto – He’s the main talking point of the trailer; even if his clips didn’t eerily resemble Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning work from The Dark Knight (2008), his clips would still inspire some sort of chatter. Ledger’s Oscar win was a very unique situation; voters may have their eyes on Leto since he’s joined the Oscar Club, but it’s a little early to throw out my 2016 predictions… which I’m afraid to say I’ve already begun. On that note…

The Dressmaker

At one point, we Oscar prognosticators wondered if this film – described by writer-director Jocelyn Moorhouse as Unforgiven with a sewing machine” – would enter the conversation, if only for Kate Winslet’s leading performance. (I mean, we’re not talking about A Little Chaos, are we?)

Maybe some of us still figure that it might happen, but this trailer does little to suggest as much. It looks like a Lifetime movie, really. Then again, maybe it’s a bait-and-switch (i.e. false advertising) situation. Regardless, it looks like it’ll have some fun moments (and perhaps Oscar luck) with costumes. I mean, it is called The Dressmaker.


katewinslet_dressmaker2Kate Winslet is not here for your ageism

On a side note, the age disparity between Winslet and Hemsworth is refreshing. After all, similar and bigger cinematic age disparities (Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper in Aloha, every other Woody Allen film) hardly get a second look when the older party happens to be a man.

liamhemsworth_dressmakerCan we get an Oscar campaign rolling for Liam Hemsworth’s abs?

The Dressmaker has yet to secure a release date in the United States; as far as I know, it doesn’t have a stateside distributor, either.


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