Miles Ahead to Close New York Film Festival

doncheadle_trumpetA photo of Don Cheadle as he preps for the role of Miles Davis in his Miles Ahead (via Okayplayer)

The New York Film Festival has set Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead to close the fest on Oct. 10, according to Variety. Cheadle, who makes his directorial debut with this passion project he also co-wrote and co-produces, leads the film as jazz icon Miles Davis. Emayatzy Corinealdi plays the love of his life, Frances Taylor. The film explores Davis’ launching of a career revival with a Rolling Stone reporter (played by Ewan McGregor) in 1979 and his time with Taylor.

As for how this may affect the Oscar season, previous NYFF closers include Birdman (2014), Her (2013), Flight (2012), and The Descendants (2011). All four picked up Oscar nods for their screenplays, with three winning their bids; three received nominations for best picture, with Birdman winning the award; and three were nominated for best actor. In short, this may give I Saw the Light, Marc Abraham’s Hank Williams biopic, a run for its money.

Of course, Miles is in need of a stateside distributor. But with the NYFF gig just set, I imagine someone will step up in the near future.



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