What’s Happening with Ithaca?

I almost included this as an extended portion of a Soundtrack Scene post, but I felt this topic deserved its own space, as it pertains to much more than a film’s soundtrack.

I stumbled on some information about a new song from Meg Ryan’s World War II drama, Ithaca, called “Sugar Hill Mountain.” Grammy winner and Ryan’s former/current (???) romantic partner John Mellencamp pens the new tune, while Carlene Carter, daughter of June Carter and stepdaughter of Johnny Cash, performs.

So, iconic rock songwriter handling composition + a Carter tackling vocals + said duo likely capturing the essence of the time period accounted for in the film (safe guess, right?) + respected and adored name at the helm = awards love?

Well, maybe. The ingredients are there… for the most part. You see, Ithaca still needs to find stateside distribution.

megryan_whenharrymetsally-cryingAmerican cinema without Meg Ryan – save us from reboots, remakes, sequels, and spandex-clad leads! (GIF via PandaWhale)

On that note, for a film set during what’s easily the favorite war of American cinema (and the Oscars, natch), the buzz has been eerily quiet. If the stars align, Ryan may make a comeback for her supportive-mother role to leading player Alex Neustaedter and become the first woman to direct herself to an acting nomination – for her directorial debut, no less. Unless, of course… no, let’s not go there.

But there’s hope. Maybe. Tom Hanks, who has a bit part in the film, exec produces, and his production company, Playtone, is handling production. We’re expecting the two-time Oscar winner to hit the campaign trail for Steven Spielberg’s Cold War drama, Bridge of Spies. Will he help Ithaca find stateside distribution and then give the film the royal awards treatment?



      1. “Ryan may make a comeback …and become the first woman to direct herself to an acting nomination – for her directorial debut, no less.”
        If only!

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