I’ll See You in My (Oscar) Dreams

Edit: For some reason, I thought Frozen River hit theaters in 2010; it was actually a 2008 release. I’ve amended the article to correct that mistake. Apologies.

blythedanner_dreamsBlythe Danner in I’ll See You in My Dreams (via Deadline Hollywood)

Brett Haley’s I’ll See You in My Dreams will be the first Oscar screener of this awards season. The Bleecker Street-distributed existential-crisis “comedy” starring Blythe Danner won over the crowd at Sundance and picked up $7.37 million domestic despite its widest release being in 290 theaters. The distributor may be new, but Netflix trusts them with the theatrical side of Beasts of No Nation’s release – that counts for something, right?

For members of the motion-picture academy voters who don’t (have time to) keep tabs on contenders released before “Oscar season,” an early screener can greatly improve a film’s chances at Oscar glory. Indeed, AMPAS members may want to honor Danner this year, though Lily Tomlin’s performance in Grandma obviously vies for a “veteran spot,” too.

Of course, over the last five years, only one year’s first screener ended up in Oscar’s lineup:

  • 2010: Animal Kingdom (Oscar bid for supporting actress), Mother and Child (nope)
  • 2011: The Music Never Stopped (nada)
  • 2012: Intouchables (Golden Globe nod for foreign-language film; Oscar shut it out)
  • 2013: Mud (love from the critics; no Oscar cigar)
  • 2014: Snowpiercer (huge with critics and year-end kudos; nothing from Oscar)

So, is I’ll See You in My Dreams a contender or a pretender? If nothing else, maybe the film’s title tune gets an original-song bid?


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