IMAX Returns to Fury Road

tomhardy_furyroadHow can you resist that pout, those eyes… wait, what were we talking about? (Photo via Vox)

I just noted that the International Federation of Film Critics opted to honor George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road with this year’s Grand Prix. While this decision emphasizes critics’ passionate support for the film, I speculated that Warner Bros. might need to give a genre film like this some kind of rerelease if the distributor has Oscar hopes for the actioner beyond crafts categories like visual effects and cinematography.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Fury Road will hit IMAX locations in 3D again next weekend (Sept. 11). The film hit U.S. theaters the following day, and has amassed a worldwide total of $374,136,441 – including a domestic cume of $153,036,441 – to date. This is more financial than anything else, obviously, but it’s difficult to separate this from the film’s Grand Prix win. Scott Mendelson of Forbes points out that the film hardly got a fair shake with IMAX screens:

Walt Disney […] had the screens booked for Avengers: Age of Ultron and then on Memorial Day weekend for Tomorrowland. It was possible to find showings of Max Max: Fury Road at certain IMAX theaters and during certain not-so-optimal showtimes, especially after Tomorrowland underperformed. But it never really got its proverbial moment in the IMAX sun between its release on May 15th and the all-consuming force of Jurassic World on June 12th.

Wolf Totem (Sony/Columbia) – China’s foreign-language submission – gets a limited IMAX release the same weekend, thus compromising Fury Road’s second IMAX engagement. Baltasar Kormákur’s Venice opener Everest (Universal) will take over IMAX locations the following weekend – and also hit premium large-format auditoriums – before going nationwide on Sept. 25.


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