Soundtrack Scene: Sam Smith Confirms Spectre Theme

spectre_samsmith-confirmationThe Grammy Award-winning crooner confirmed his involvement with Sam Mendes’ Spectre in a Facebook post. He co-wrote the new song, titled “Writing’s on the Wall,” with Jimmy Napes. Alongside William Phillips, both artists won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for “Stay with Me” earlier this year.

Smith was confirmed earlier this year… sort of. Shortly after the supposed confirmation, he denied involvement with the upcoming James Bond flick. Artists previously rumored for the gig include Radiohead, Lorde, and Ellie Goulding – Smith himself tried to throw us off his trail by discussing the lattermost artist’s potential involvement.

Smith’s smooth, soulful vocals should be a good fit for the Bond franchise. Adele, alongside Paul Epworth, won the original-song Oscar for Skyfall’s eponymous song in 2012. With Smith follow in her footsteps?

“Writing’s on the Wall” is available to pre-order CD and vinyl, and should soon be available to pre-order on iTunes. In other words, we should hear it soon!

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