Best Actor 2015: Tom Hiddleston for I Saw the Light


The Facts

Oscar History
Hiddleston has yet to be recognized by the motion-picture academy

This Year
Awards: N/A
Nominations: N/A

About the Film

Role: Legendary country singer Hank Williams


  • Toronto International Film Festival – World Premiere (Sept. 12, 2015)

U.S. Distributor: Focus Features
U.S. Release Date: Nov. 27, 2015 (limited)
U.S. Box Office: N/A

Why? Could be an exceptional performance. Oscar loves music-based biopics.

Why not? Early word shines a Light (sorry) on editing troubles, and suggests that this is a bargain-bin version of Walk the Line (2005). The motion-picture academy may not be familiar with Hiddleston’s more prestigious work, and he’s not a name yet. Straight Outta Compton may well be *the* music biopic of the season.

Ranking: No. 6 as of Sept. 10, 2015

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