Best Actress 2016: Marion Cotillard for Allied

marioncotillard_alliedA photo of Marion Cotillard on the set of Robert Zemeckis’ Allied (via Canoé)

The Facts

Oscar History
Marion Cotillard has one win from two nominations

  • Won: Best Actress in a Leading Role for La vie en Rose (2007)
  • Nominated: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Two Days, One Night, or Deux jours, une nuit (2014)

This Year
Marion Cotillard has
Awards: N/A
Nominations: N/A

About the Film

Role: Marianne Beausejour, a French agent who marries a French-Canadian spy (Brad Pitt)

Festivals: N/A
U.S. Distributor: Paramount Pictures
U.S. Release Date: Nov. 23, 2016
U.S. Box Office: N/A

Why? Allied may not be heading for the art-house, but it’s Cotillard’s first obvious Oscar vehicle. With Brad Pitt co-leading the pic, the thriller could be a stateside hit. Also, WWII.

Why not? Robert Zemeckis can go either way at this point. Maybe she lands an Oscar bid for From the Land of the Moon, instead?

Ranking: No. 5 as of Apr. 16, 2016

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