Best Animated Feature Film 2016: Zootopia

zootopia_picA still from Byron Howard and Rich Moore’s Zootopia (via Rolling Stone)

This Year
Zootopia has
Awards: N/A
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About the Film

Story: “In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy” (via IMDb)
Directed by: Byron Howard and Rich Moore (and Jared Bush)
Written by: Jared Bush and Phil Johnston (screenplay); Bush, Johnston, Howard, Moore, Josie Trinidad, Jim Reardon, and Jennifer Lee (story); and Dan Fogelman (additional story material)

Festivals: N/A

U.S. Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures
U.S. Release Date: Mar. 4, 2016
U.S. Box Office: $240,547,409 (estimate as of Mar. 27, 2016)

Why? This may Disney’s most script-driven animated film – if we’re excluding Pixar releases, of course. Raves from the critics, killer box office, and a timely message all make for (what looks like) an early Oscar front-runner.

Why not? But “early” could be a problem; Zootopia is making headlines before it really counts, before most people are even thinking about the Oscar season to come. If Moana is the next Frozen (2013) and/or Finding Dory exceeds expectations, this may not be the sure thing it seems to be. (On that note, doesn’t a Zootopia-less lineup in this category sound like the absolute worst?)


Ranking: No. 1 as of Mar. 27, 2016

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