Best Actor 2014: Christoph Waltz for Big Eyes

A photo of Christoph Waltz in Big Eyes (via Collider).

Oscar History: Two wins from two nominations
Won : Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Won : Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Django Unchained (2012)

Oscar Present?
Role: Walter Keane, who steals credit for the paintings of his wife, Margaret Keane (Amy Adams)

Awards: N/A
Nominations: N/A

Festivals: N/A

Why? Waltz has cemented himself as an awards-season favorite by going two-for-two with Oscar. He once again plays a “We love to hate him” character; early word for him is very positive.

Why not? He won for Quentin Tarantino films; he might fare differently under the helm of Tim Burton, who sometimes retains little control over his actors. (Word also suggests that this is a very “loud” performance.) Or maybe Waltz goes supporting – it might be all about Amy Adams, anyway.

Ranking: No. 6 as of Aug. 15, 2014

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