Best Actor 2014: Timothy Spall for Mr. Turner

A photo of Timothy Spall in Mr. Turner (via Collider).

Oscar Present?
Role: J.M.W. Turner, a British landscape painter; an “anti-social mumbler far more comfortable with canvas and paint than the social niceties demanded of the era”; “a man dismissive of the mother of his two daughters, predatory toward his housekeeper, and yet ultimately blessed with an unexpected relationship that arrives in the autumn of his life” (via TIFF)



  • Boston Society of Film Critics (2014) – Best Actor (runner-up)


  • Cannes Film Festival (2014) – World Premiere
  • Toronto International Film Festival (2014) – Canadian Premiere
  • New York Film Festival (2014) – New York Premiere

Why? Oscar loves Mr. Turner writer-director Mike Leigh – he picked up bids in original screenplay for five of his films; he’s been in for director twice. Only three of his actors have earned nominations, but this might be the most Oscar-ready film of his career. Voters might want to take advantage of this opportunity to honor character actor Spall, who also happens to be a frequent Mike Leigh collaborator.

Why not? Mr. Turner may have little audience appeal beyond the art-house crowd. Will voters go for it?

Ranking: No. 5 as of Dec. 1, 2014

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