Best Original Song 2014: “Guts Over Fear” from The Equalizer

Written and performed by: Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, and Sia Furler, a.k.a. Sia

  • Eminem is a one-time winner and nominee (alongside Jeff Bass and Luis Rusto) for writing “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile (2002); he also performed the song

Awards: N/A
Nominations: N/A
Charts (U.S.): None yet, but given its current stance on U.S. iTunes, I’m sure that’ll change over the next several days


  • Toronto International Film Festival (2014) – World Premiere

Why? This song could take radio by storm in the coming weeks. Sia’s just had a mainstream breakthrough; “Guts Over Fear” offers the music branch an opportunity to recognize her for her previous soundtrack work – like the Golden Globe-nominated “Bound to You” from Burlesque (2010), for instance. Eminem won this category before…

Why not? But he took the gold for a song that was far more personal and autobiographical than “Guts Over Fear.” The music branch can be iffy when it comes to radio/chart hits. I wouldn’t count on this happening unless The Equalizer becomes a contender in other categories…

Personal Thoughts: Not bad; I’m a bigger fan of Sia’s chorus than anything else.

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