Best Supporting Actress 2014: Emma Stone for Birdman

A photo of Emma Stone in Birdman (via Collider).

Oscar Present?
Role: The daughter of actor Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton)


  • Boston Society of Film Critics (2014) – Best Supporting Actress



  • Venice Film Festival (2014) – Opening Film; World Premiere
  • New York Film Festival (2014) – Closing Film

Why? Birdman kicked off Venice to raves; Stone seems to be the standout as far as the film’s women are concerned. Oscar might love her in this dark comedy that, apparently, thrives on and expands her proven comedic abilities.

Why not? Some might feel that she hasn’t “paid her dues” in the industry as much as others in the mix – Keira Knightley and Patricia Arquette, for instance. Even though Birdman apparently works, Oscar voters might find it too hard a pill to swallow.

Ranking: No. 2 as of Nov. 25, 2014

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