Best Supporting Actress 2014: Mackenzie Foy for Interstellar

A photo of Mackenzie Foy in Interstellar (via Collider)

Oscar Present?
Role: Murph, the daughter of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) – who’s gone into space with a group of explorers to find a way to save humanity

Awards: N/A
Nominations: N/A

Festivals: N/A

Why? Could be a breakthrough nomination if Foy turns in a good performance (for what it’s worth, she cries a lot in the trailers) and Interstellar becomes an Oscar favorite. If you don’t care about potential spoilers, head over to the IMDb page and look at the cast list. HIGHLIGHT THE REST OF THE PARAGRAPH TO REVEAL Could this be like Atonement (2007), in which three actresses played the same role in different seasons of life and the youngest of the three surprised and became the Oscar contender?

Why not? Chastain is the only Interstellar actor with any hype at the moment.

Ranking: No. 9 as of Oct. 19, 2014

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