Distributor 2016: Bleecker Street Media

helenmirren_eyeskyA still of Helen Mirren in Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky

After landing a best-actor nod for Trumbo last year, Bleecker Street may prove to be an even bigger force this season. The distributor has their biggest hit to date in the acclaimed Eye in the Sky and may have a(nother) legitimate contender in Denial. Bleecker may hit the festival circuit to pick up other potential players, too.

Top Priorities (We’re Guessing)

  • Eye in the Sky (Gavin Hood; Mar. 11 – limited; Apr. 1 – wide)
  • Denial (Mick Jackson; Sept. 30 – limited)

Potential Players

  • Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross; July 8 – limited)
  • Anthropoid (Sean Ellis; Aug. 12 – limited)

Other Releases

  • Elvis and Nixon (Liza Johnson; Apr. 22 – limited)