Best Original Screenplay 2015

Updating Sept. 6, 2015



Drafting… stay tuned!



Drafting… stay tuned!



My official predictions include only performances in films set for distribution in the United States. The process of guessing who will and will not make the cut always seems to be collaborative, so feel free to leave a comment (or a tweet) that addresses any relevant concerns.

Predicted Nominees

  1. Quentin Tarantino for The Hateful Eight (more)

  2. Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve, and Josh Cooley for Inside Out (more)

  3. Paolo Sorrentino for Youth (more)

  4. Thomas McCarthy and Josh Singer for Spotlight (more)

  5. Abi Morgan for Suffragette (more)

Next in Line?

  1. David O. Russell and Annie Mumolo (story) for Joy (more)
  2. Alex Garland for Ex Machina (more)
  3. László Nemes and Clara Royer for Son of Saul (more)
  4. Andrea Berloff, et al. for Straight Outta Compton (more)
  5. Amy Schumer for Trainwreck (more)

Other Possible Contenders

  1. Paul Weitz for Grandma (more)
  2. Matt Charman, Ethan Coen, and Joel Coen for Bridge of Spies (more)
  3. Enrico Casarosa and Bob Peterson (story) for The Good Dinosaur (more)
  4. Taylor Sheridan for Sicario (more)
  5. Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig for Mistress America (more)
  6. Jon Robin Baitz for Stonewall (more)
  7. Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch for Tangerine (more)
  8. Nikole Beckwith and Gaby Dellal (story) for About Ray (more)
  9. Marwenna Banks for Miss You Already (more)
  10. Steven Knight for Burnt (more)
  11. Angelina Jolie Pitt for By the Sea (more)
  12. David Robert Mitchell for It Follows (more)
  13. Joel Edgerton for The Gift (more)
  14. John Hodge for The Program (more)
  15. Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins, and Lucinda Coxon for Crimson Peak (more)

Long Shots

  1. Diablo Cody for Ricki and the Flash (more)
  2. Simon Beaufoy, et al. for Everest (more)
  3. Woody Allen for Irrational Man (more)
  4. John Carney for Sing Street (more)
  5. Rick Famuyiwa for Dope (more)
  6. Noah Baumbach for While We’re Young (more)
  7. Alexi Kaye Campbell for Woman in Gold (more)
  8. Tim Talbott for The Stanford Prison Experiment (more)


  • Alejandro Amenábar for Regression – No longer slated for 2015
  • Matt Cook for Triple 9 – Bumped to March 2016
  • Cameron Crowe for Aloha (more) – The Steven Seagal moment in In and Out (1997), is all I’m saying
  • Mary Agnes Donoghue for Jenny’s Wedding (more)
  • Sheldon Lettich and Boaz Yakin for Max (more)
  • Richard Linklater for That’s What I’m Talking About – Scheduled for 2016
  • John McNamara for Trumbo (more) – It’s an adaptation, apparently.
  • Bryan Sipe for Demolition – Moved to April 2016… for now

In Limbo

I regard these films as ineligible at the moment, because a) the films might not hit theaters this year due to distributors’ schedules or their not being ready, or b) the films lack stateside distribution altogether. But as anyone who follows this mess knows, things can change at a moment’s notice.

  1. Steven Baigelman, et al. for Miles Ahead (more)
  2. Jonathan Jakubowicz for Hands of Stone (more)
  3. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen for Hail, Caesar! (more)
  4. Orson Welles for The Other Side of the Wind (more)
  5. Alan DiFiore, Jim Kouf, and Jamie Linden for Money Monster (more)
  6. Werner Herzog for Queen of the Desert (more)
  7. Joe Swanberg for Digging for Fire (more)


  • Patrick Ness for A Monster Calls – Hits next year


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