Best Actor in a Supporting Role 2015

Updating Sept. 2-4, 2015



Drafting… stay tuned!

jasonmitchell_straightouttacomptonCan Jason Mitchell ride best-in-show reviews to an Oscar bid?


Drafting… stay tuned!

Seth Rogen as he appears in the trailer for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs


My official predictions include only performances in films set for distribution in the United States. The process of guessing who will and will not make the cut always seems to be collaborative, so feel free to leave a comment (or a tweet) that addresses any relevant concerns.

Predicted Nominees

  1. Samuel L. Jackson for The Hateful Eight (more)

  2. Tom Hardy for The Revenant (more)

  3. Seth Rogen for Steve Jobs (more)

  4. Joaquim de Almeida for Our Brand is Crisis (more)

  5. Jason Mitchell for Straight Outta Compton (more)

Next in Line?

  1. Michael Keaton for Spotlight (more)
  2. Jason Segel for The End of the Tour (more)
  3. Bruce Dern for The Hateful Eight (more)
  4. Édgar Ramírez for Joy (more)
  5. Robert De Niro for Joy (more)

Other Possibilities

  1. Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies (more)
  2. Joel Edgerton for Black Mass (more)
  3. Alan Alda for Bridge of Spies (more)
  4. Domnhall Gleeson for The Revenant (more)
  5. Kurt Russell for The Hateful Eight (more)
  6. Bradley Cooper for Joy (more)
  7. Billy Bob Thornton for Our Brand is Crisis (more)
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch for Black Mass (more)
  9. Joel Edgerton for The Gift (more)
  10. Benicio del Toro for Sicario (more)
  11. Robert Redford for Truth (more)
  12. Tim Roth for The Hateful Eight (more)
  13. Sylvester Stallone for Creed (more)
  14. Ben Whishaw for The Danish Girl (more)
  15. NEW!!! Matthias Schoenaerts for The Danish Girl (more)

Long Shots

  1. Steve Carell for Freeheld (more)
  2. Michael Shannon for Freeheld (more)
  3. William H. Macy for Room (more)
  4. Emory Cohen for Brooklyn (more)
  5. Sam Elliott for Grandma (more)
  6. John Cusack for Chi-Raq (more)
  7. Paul Giamatti for Straight Outta Compton (more)
  8. MOVED!!! Paul Dano for Love and Mercy (more)
  9. Bill Hader for Trainwreck (more)
  10. Kyle Chandler for Carol (more)
  11. Christoph Waltz for Tulip Fever (more)
  12. John Goodman for Trumbo (more)
  13. Domnhall Gleeson for Brooklyn (more)


  • Neil Brown Jr. for Straight Outta Compton (more)
  • Dominic Cooper for Miss You Already – Expecting the women to shine
  • Paddy Considine for Miss You Already – Expecting the women to shine
  • John Cusack for Love and Mercy – Switched to lead
  • RJ Cyler for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – Film failed to take off
  • Aldis Hodge for Straight Outta Compton – Not enough impact
  • Charlie Hunnam for Crimson Peak – Room to shine?
  • Jude Law for Spy – As much as we may want Spy to happen, we’d never see this performance in the lineup
  • Billy Magnussen for Bridge of Spies – Likely outshone by Mark Rylance and Alan Alda
  • Ezra Miller for The Stanford Prison Experiment – Potential for a narrative was there, but the film never took off
  • Mark Ruffalo for Spotlight – Moved to lead
  • Hiroyuki Sanada for Mr. Holmes – Little screen time in a little movie that may be forgotten by year’s end
  • Keith Stanfield for Straight Outta Compton – This brilliant turn hasn’t a prayer thanks to its brevity
  • Jason Statham for Spy – As much as we may want Spy to happen, we’d never see this performance in the lineup
  • Michael Stuhlbarg for Trumbo – How much will he get to do? Maybe this is another Hitchcock (2012), anyway
  • Tom Wilkinson for Jenny’s Wedding – Nope

In Limbo

I regard these performances as ineligible at the moment, because a) the films might not hit theaters this year due to distributors’ schedules or their not being ready, or b) the films lack stateside distribution altogether. But as anyone who follows this mess knows, things can change at a moment’s notice.

  1. Ewan McGregor for Miles Ahead (more)
  2. Jude Law for Genius (more)
  3. Robert De Niro for Hands of Stone (more)
  4. Christian Bale for The Big Short (more)
  5. Ryan Gosling for The Big Short (more)
  6. Liam Neeson for Silence (more)
  7. Tadanobu Asano for Silence (more)
  8. George Clooney for Hail, Caesar! (more)
  9. Channing Tatum for Hail, Caesar! (more)
  10. Tom Hanks for Ithaca (more)
  11. Sam Shepard for Ithaca (more)
  12. Dennis Hopper for The Other Side of the Wind (more)
  13. Peter Bogdanovich for The Other Side of the Wind (more)
  14. Zachary Quinto for I am Michael (more)


  • Toby Kebbell for A Monster Calls – Out next year
  • Liam Neeson for A Monster Calls – Out next year


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