Soundtrack Scene: Adaline Starts Again

It seems that Lee Toland Krieger’s romantic drama The Age of Adaline features an original song called “Start Again” from Rob Simonsen, Faux Fix, and Elena Tonra.

This sounds like a song that may bridge the second and third acts of Adaline… or maybe it’s an end-credits tune. The lyrics describe the inner conflict of the title character played by Blake Lively, who, because of an accident, never physically ages. The lyric “Time won’t wait for no one” highlights how time is an odd construct for Adaline. It waits for her physically but not emotionally or mentally – and for nothing and no one else in any sense.

A poster for Lee Toland Krieger’s The Age of Adaline (via Collider)

So, Oscar? “Start Again” is better than some recent original song nominees (I’ll be nice and refrain from calling them out), so maybe it can sneak in. I could have imagined Adaline being a low-key awards player… if it had been slated for release later this year. I hate the practice of distributors dumping all the great films – or at least films perceived as great – in the last few months of the year. However, a release this early in the year is hardly promising.

Still, Adaline looks like a lovely throwback to romantic dramas of the Golden Age, similar to what some have said of Sundance hit and early Oscar fave Brooklyn. The film is also rocking an 83 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. While that’ll likely change before it hits theaters on Friday, maybe there is something special here.

Check out the updated original song page!


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